Fee Agreement

We conclude a fee agreement with our clients and indicate in this agreement an appropriate initial advance payment. The fee agreement will state whether the fee is calculated on the basis of time spent or in accordance with the German Lawyers’ Fees Act. In the case of invoicing according to time spent, our hourly rate is 275 € plus VAT, unless otherwise agreed in individual cases. We invoice in time units of 6 minutes. In the case of invoicing on the basis of the Lawyers’ Fees Act, the amount in dispute, if it concerns matters of property law, is determined by the financial interest in the legal dispute. It may happen that the amount in dispute increases, for example in the case of a counterclaim or a later increase in the claim. In the case of disputes not related to pecuniary law, e.g., in the drafting of contracts or in the assertion of claims arising from industrial property rights, we will make an agreement on an appropriate amount in dispute in the fee agreement.

In those cases in which billing on the basis of the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz) or on an hourly basis is possible, we will leave the choice of billing method to you after initial consultation in our fee agreement.


Guido Imfeld