About Mercatorius

MERCATORIUS EEIG is an association of law firms from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Partners of the EEIG are the law firm DHK Rechtsanwälte & Steuerberater with offices in Aachen (DE), Liège (BE) and Sittard (NL), the Belgian law firm FLHM with offices in Liège, Verviers and Welkenraedt (BE) and the law firm Dr. Johannes Dilling in Cologne (DE).

Our partners have more than 25 years of experience in the practice of international business and commercial law.

MERCATORIUS was created from the German-Belgian Desk, which our partner Guido Imfeld and his team have been responsible for since 1999 at the Aachen and Liège offices. One specific focus is on German-Belgian cross border legal cases.

International legal relations are complex. It needs specialists. No lawyer can cover every legal field. MERCATORIUS is a network of specialists in the field of international law, but also downstream of the respective applicable national law. We know and trust each other.

That is why we took the step to establish MERCATORIUS in the form of a European Economic Interest Grouping.

Your contact person is Mr. attorney Guido Imfeld at the locations Aachen and Liège.


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