Fees and Costs

Basically, we charge our services according to an hourly rate of 275 € plus VAT. This applies especially in the area of out-of-court advice and representation of interests.

Within the scope of the judicial representation of interests, the regulations of the Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG) are mandatory in Germany in such a way that lawyers must invoice at least the legally prescribed fees. Agreements that go beyond this are permissible. The statutory remuneration under the RVG depends on the amount in dispute, i.e. the financial interest underlying the legal dispute.

It naturally depends on the scope, complexity and difficulty of the case whether we invoice on the basis of the RVG in the individual case in view of the expected expenditure of time. This often relates  to the amount in dispute. The liability risk of the lawyer must also be taken into account.

There is no comparable provision to the Lawyers’ Fees Act in Belgium. In Belgium, billing is generally based on the time spent. It is often common in Belgium for lawyers to charge secretarial costs, office lump sums or correspondence and briefs per page written in addition to the hourly fee. We do not do this, with the exception of travel and necessary translation costs. It may therefore happen that Belgian lawyers offer nominally lower hourly rates. In this case, please take into account that additional costs may be incurred in addition to the lawyer’s time if you compare different providers.

Frequently, again depending on the amount in dispute compared to the complexity and degree of difficulty of the matter, we are prepared to invoice analogous to the Lawyers’ Fees Act, even if we appear as lawyers before Belgian courts. As far as German legal protection insurances are involved, this offer is often gladly accepted.


Guido Imfeld