Our philosophy and values

MERCATORIUS represents companies and professionals of all sizes. The emphasis of our commercial clientele lies in the range of the smaller and middle sized enterprises, thereby particularly in the field of mechanical engineering companies.

We offer our clients a high degree of specialization at reasonable costs. The choice of our locations outside the major cities allows us to pass on our cost advantages to our clients for the purpose of effective legal advice. Our lawyers are highly specialized and often come from large international law firms. The medium-sized structure of our law firm allows us a high degree of flexibility and independence combined with excellent expertise.

We see ourselves as a service provider, but not only that: we are also and above all lawyers and thus committed to our professional and ethical code. Our attorneys, many of whom are active in national and international professional organizations, take their obligation to loyalty, discretion and confidentiality very seriously.

Our lawyers are multilingual. We advise our clients and represent their interests, also in court, in business fluent German, French, English and Dutch. Many of our lawyers have an international background and are familiar not only with the language of neighboring countries but also with their mentality. This not only helps them to assist in contract negotiations, but also to find out-of-court solutions in case of legal disputes.


Guido Imfeld