Free initial consultation and first consultation

The initial consultation takes place by telephone and is free of charge. During the initial consultation, we inform our clients about the legal venues and problems that we are aware of and give them an initial recommendation on how to proceed.

According to the jurisprudence of the German Federal Court of Justice, an initial consultation is a “summary, approximate initial consultation”. The lawyer first makes himself/herself knowledgeable and doesn’t summarize this initial consultation in writing. In an initial telephone conversation, we are often unable to provide a complete legal assessment of a case due to a lack of precise knowledge of the facts. This is because we are confronted with your legal problem for the first time. Further research may be necessary for a final assessment. For this reason, we do not charge any fees for this initial consultation.

If, however, the client wishes a more detailed consultation after the initial meeting, without us acting externally or summarizing the consultation in writing, this is a first consultation in the sense of § 34 of the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG). We charge a flat rate of 190 € plus VAT.


Guido Imfeld