Contacts and mandating

Contacting us is not binding. A mandate shall only come into existence when you expressly give us a mandate, usually in writing or by e-mail, at the latest when you have returned the signed fee agreement to us in advance by e-mail. We can make the acceptance of the mandate dependent on the prior payment of an advance invoice.

The mandate is concluded between the client and the DHK law firm. The European Economic Interest Grouping MERCATORIUS supports the participating law firms in the provision of their services, but is not itself a legal service provider. As far as we rely on third-party service providers, these invoice as a rule directly to our law firm and we account for the costs in full transparency. We inform our clients beforehand of the involvement of third parties.

When billing on the basis of our hourly rate, we usually invoice our services at the end of the month, sending a precise statement of the individual activities according to content and duration by enclosing the so-called time sheets as an attachment to our fee invoice.


Guido Imfeld